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This definition stresses the intentionality by the author of the aggressions, in order to provoke physical or psychological harm in victims. They do not need to create more laws, goodness knows people have enough already.

One million children were harassed, threatened or subjected to other forms of cyberbullying on Facebook during the past year,[ when? The number shows that online bullying is a serious concern in Japan. Bullying Is… Bullying The main thing they have in common is the obvious element: In addition, the combination of cameras and Internet access and the instant availability of these modern smartphone technologies yield specific types of cyberbullying not found in other platforms.

It typically happened during school hours and in places where the bully and victim were in the same location. Examples include the campaign for the neologism "santorum" organized by the LGBT lobby.

How is cyberbullying different from ‘traditional’ bullying?

Internet applications such as ones on cell phones only widen the possibility of damage to the cyber bullied victim. Following the posts are a string of lewd comments. Definition of Cyberbullying A widely agreed definition Traditional bullying online cyberbullying is: I, too share some reservations as it ignores the fact that victims of traditional bullying can escape the harassment whilst they are at home, which cyberbullying victims cannot.

Cyber bullying is usually not a onetime communication, unless it involves a death threat or a credible threat of serious bodily harm. Some people disagree with cyber bullying because if you get into an argument with someone you do not have to get that person back by getting on a web page that all of their friends and that person friends to see to get embarrass.

Most of the times people do cyber bullying because they either feel better expressing themselves in a wrong way. Slonje and Smith surveyed adolescents aged between years of age to examine the nature and extent of cyberbullying in Swedish schools.

This type of information spreading is hard to stop. Cyber bullying is arguably a lot more dangerous because it is a relatively new phenomenon. Parents and teachers are continuously revisiting the danger of using technology, allowing children to have their own mobile phones or plans, and the need to monitor their activity much more closely because of the possibility that cyberbullying may be affecting their child, or even coming from their child to someone else.

Some people think it should not be legal because they think it is okay to show how people act and show their personal problems.

How is cyberbullying different from ‘traditional’ bullying?

This leads to the fourth and final similarity: Victims of cyber bullying mostly get bullied where the most teens join with each other and chat like Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, and other teen websites.

Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Danah Boyd writes, "teens regularly used that word [drama] to describe various forms of interpersonal conflict that ranged from insignificant joking around to serious jealousy-driven relational aggression.

The live of many teens are at stake because of cyber bulling, and it must end. More Essay Examples on Abuse Rubric There should be laws for cyber bullying because it is just the same as hurting people intentionally.

In fact, youth spend more time with media than any single other activity besides sleeping. Nearly one in five had experienced it more than once.

Moreover, the element of repetition in time of aggressive acts perpetrated by the bully must be revised considering the characteristics of communication in a virtual environment: Text messaging is often times thought to be the worst form of cyber bullying, because anyone can become a bully, and contact or constantly harass a victim.

Cyber bullies and their parents may face legal charges for cyber bullying, and if the cyber bullying was sexual in nature or involved sexing, the results can include being registered as a sex offender.

Most studies have found that the majority of victims of cyber bullying know the person behind everything, with many bullies being peers from school.

If serious bullying will almost always involve acts that are already crimes, harassment and making threats for example. So which viewpoint is more persuasive? Uhls, Yalda T The Swedish study divided the kinds of cyber bullying into text email and text and visual video and phone.

Some people think it should not be legal because they think it is okay to show how people act and show their personal problems.

Cyber bullying is by its nature, limited to verbal than physical insults, and that is why some people say that cyber bullying is not as serious a problem as traditional, or playground, bullying.

Whereas adults might have labeled many of these practices as bullying, teens saw them as drama. Finally we must consider the aspect of intentionality linked to aggressive acts: There are resources dedicated to helping adult victims deal with cyberbullies legally and effectively.

Even one person in the privacy of their room and with no special physical skills, can perform acts of bullying on an unlimited number of victims with few transactions. Sometimes most people do not mean to hurt someone over the internet because they do it by mistakenly sending the wrong person the wrong thing, or saying the wrong information to the wrong person.

If the attacks are only verbal, than the victim can let it go. Bullies will only pick on those who they think are weaker than they are.


The death of cyber bullying would lead to more confident youths, also a more earned respect between teenagers and their peers.Phantasia Crockett Mrs - Traditional Bullying introduction.

Otey English 4 March 28, Cyber Bullying “NO, STOP, DO NOT DO IT, you do not have to kill yourself over someone cyber bullying you”. People today get bullied over the internet.

They are often at home and that is basically where the worst things happen. Mostly.

Cyberbullying Vs. ‘Traditional’ Bullying

Cyberbullying is different from traditional bullying because people can use the disguise of “anonymity” to harass their victims. One needs only a valid e-mail address to create or participate in groups online, so it is very easy set up “fake” accounts and bully anonymously.

Traditional Bullying Online Essay Sample. Megan Taylor Meier was an American teenager from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, who committed suicide by hanging.

For traditional bullying, the associations between depression and frequency of involvement within bullies, victims, and bully-victims were consistent with previous studies. For cyber bullying, on the other hand, these associations were not found for bullies or bully-victims.

In addition, the comparisons of bullies, victims, and bully-victims. Advancements in technology have created a new form of bullying called cyberbullying. Instead of intimidating peers in the classroom students have taken to harassing their peers online. Cyberbullying is viewed by some to be more cruel and damaging than traditional face-to-face bullying because of.

“In some ways,” says Hertzog, “online bullying can be even more devastating than traditional bullying, as an aggressor is able to access an audience 24/7 instead of being confined to the schoolyard, and the kid being bullied can’t escape the bullying.” And the hurt can be worse, as “the person being bullied can read and re-read a.

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Traditional bullying online
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