The pros and cons of forced integration of sororities and fraternities

The first known collegiate secret society, F. The college was among the best intellectual institutions in the United States alongside Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. In other words, your fraternity or sorority will function much as a family unit — one that you get to be part of for life.

As you advance in your college education and your career, these connections can become increasingly valuable for landing interviews, listing references, or getting letters of recommendation.

Also, being in a fraternity or sorority will look good on your resume. Originating as a forum for extracurricular academic debate and inquiry, the collegiate fraternity began in secret societies.

And as pop culture would tell you, being in a sorority is an in thing, especially if you get accepted into one with a great reputation. Learn more about the history and culture of each organization before making a commitment.

View all posts by Jason Patel. Hazing Imagine showing up for your first day on a new job in your nicest shirt, every hair in place, and your fingernails nicely manicured.

You are at once surrounded at all times by friends and engaged at all times in events, activities, parties and of course, the inevitable cleanup that comes after. For starters, fraternities and sororities require membership fees. Unfortunately, so is binge drinking.

None of it, she said, was actually true. As tradition, the club often met in the upper rooms of a tavern. Even in the early days of rapid fraternity expansion, a sense of bitter rivalry plagued the various Greek-letter organizations. Sigma Phi was the first fraternity to establish a branch organization.

Roots of Religious Freedom. At the time of its founding, Union College faculty were not fond of Kappa Alpha due to its liberal academic views. According to a journal entry made by antiquarian R. Still, many students choose to rush during their freshman year.

I thought it was sexist, antiquated, and a big waste of time.Asian Americans in sororities and fraternities: In search of a home and place.

In Brothers and sisters: Diversity in college fraternities and sororities, edited by C. L.

To Pledge or Not to Pledge: Pros and Cons of Frat Life

Torbenson and G. S.

The Pros and Cons of Greek Life in College

Parks, 83 - While the Greek life sounds appealing, it does cost money. For one, you need to pay for rent for the house you live in. Plus, there’s the fact that not all Greek organizations are the same.

For instance, some collect fees to pay for functions and such. There are Greek-sponsored functions you have to attend, pledging activities, and Greek Week events, all on top of parties and informal get-togethers because of the social nature of sororities and fraternities.

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Sep 02,  · Pros: Decent amount of campus involvement. Strong alumni base.

Advantages and disadvantages of joining Fraternities or Sororities

Derby Days is the most popular fraternity competition amongst the sororities. Another chapter you would picture when thinking of a typical southern fraternity.

Cons: Mostly only seen with KD or TriDelts (which is ironic because they hate each other). According to an article written by Jay Reeves, administrators at the University of Alabama are getting involved in integrating sororities and fraternities by imposing rules and punishments for those organizations that do not comply.

On the other hand, fraternities and sororities are not for everybody.

Pros And Cons of Joining a Sorority

If you’re not a fan of communal bathrooms, this might not be the college experience for you. Obviously, it goes a little deeper than that. There are real pros and cons to joining a fraternity or sorority.

The pros and cons of forced integration of sororities and fraternities
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