Tata motors 7ps

However, in the recent years Dell is wanting to achieve a brand makeover and establish itself against its competitors Apple, IBM and Horsepower. These are large retail firms, have wide product assortment mixand organised into separate departments.

Personal selling is a process which includes seven steps — Prospecting Developing a list of potential customersPreapproach prepares customer profile about his needs, present use and reaction to current brand sApproach Contacting to deliver valuePresentation to create a desire to buy the productOvercoming Objections regarding price, quality, use, after sale service, warranty, etcClosing the sale asking the prospect to buy the product and Follow up to see that order was properly executed.

The effectiveness of sales force depends upon performance appraisal. I would first touch upon three major areas to illustrate how Tata Motors has effected innovation in the past several years.

Three of them I have already mentioned, that is, product, process and people. Bata is another good example of chain stores. Tata Nano emits less carbon than two-wheelers.

A product mix is a total of all groups of products.

Marketing Mix of Tesla Motors Inc.

However, Dell has now shifted its strategy to focus on its customers even where advertising can be involved. Automatic options with both the petrol and diesel really make it convenient for city driving.

A decision to make change in one of them affects the rest. All these decisions have to be made by individual marketer.

Let’s and Hayate EP from Suzuki Motorcycle India are BS-IV compliant

Second, each element of marketing mix contains countless variables. Prestige Pricing Keeping higher price because customers believe that a higher priced product is of better quality. Fourth, to show the differences between services and physical products, Booms and Bitner suggested the extension of the 4Ps framework to include three additional factors: This has helped us to appreciate the need and importance of all the stakeholders and we achieve this in four stages.

Maruti has been successful in improving the mileage of the new car by 6 per cent over its predecessor and the petrol variant returns an efficiency figure of Maintenance Services The Tata Nano project include a maintenance department. It is the leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles.

This includes dispelling all perceptions of shortcomings normally associated with a low-cost car through vigorous testing on real roads using real users. This is not only in India itself but also to the world-wide dealership.

However, the ghost of "Dell Hell" still haunts the PC maker. As the sales are mostly online, customer experience should be excellent both pre and post sales. So the exposition proved to be the first grand success point in the marketing of the nano car, if the first advertisement is considered as the buzz.

There will be three types of Tata Nano car available i. Transition from in-house product development to a collaborative product Development, utilizing the capabilities of suppliers, design houses, Subsidiaries and associate companies specializing in different verticals. Flowchart depicting the direct selling model at Dell Factors affecting syndication channels As has been mentioned often before, Dell offers directly to its customers.

What commenced as an individual opinion soon skyrocketed into a PR headache for Dell.How companies make use of the 7Ps to build a brand and hence create an acute equity. Use of 7 ps of marketing in csr and hence in brand building 1. A. Rank Company 1 Tata Steel Ltd 2 Tata Chemicals Ltd.

3 M & M Ltd 4 Maruti Suzuki 5 Tata Motors Ltd Rank Company 1 SAIL 2 GAIL India 3 NTPC 4 Indian Oil Corporation 5 ONGC Rank Company 1. Browse 4Ps Analysis of more brands and companies similar to Tata Motors Marketing Mix.

The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories. The marketing mix is the combination of the four controllable factors that affect your company profits: product, place, promotion, and price (the four Ps).

Tata Group Marketing Mix

Chanimals blend these factors to create a mix that meets the needs of the target audience. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Morell’ Electric Motor Corporation manufactures electric motors for commercial use.

The company produces three models assigned as standard, deluxe and heavy duty. In the case of the Dell consumer business, a 7Ps way (Booms and Bitner), as People or services and Process also play a essential role in the business's marketing combination. Proposal for tata motors in western markets.

Pre Entry Defensive Strategy Marketing Essay. Tata Motors came out with its innovative platform which was designed to suit the Indian conditions. It quickly became the bestseller in LCVs and the platform still continues control 2/3rd of the market even in the third decade of its existence.

Tata motors 7ps
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